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Finvox Analytics LLP


A boutique financial advisory firm offering high quality transaction advisory and other compliance services with key focus on startup ecosystem

Who are we?

We are Startup Specialists. We have provided end to end financial services to more than 50 startups until now including some unicorns. We come from Big 5 consulting backgrounds thereby assuring high quality deliverables.

What can we do for you?

We assist startups in getting investor ready by preparing investor deck and business plan along with other services including audit, tax, valuation and routine compliances. We also represent investors/ angel networks in end to end transaction support including due diligence, documentation, statutory compliances, MIS etc.

Why work with us?

Our relationship driven approach rather than assignment driven approach helps in building long term relationship with startups. We become integral part of the entrepreneurial journey of founders, handholding them at each step ensuring that startups are compliant with all statutory laws and investor requirements.

Our Team
Amrish Garg

Amrish Garg


Gandharv Jain

Gandharv Jain

Co-Founder, Partner




Scope of Engagement - Due-diligence, External auditors for the company

Kind of startups that should work with Finvox - Any startup that is our size, have been doing well, especially those have entities in US and Singapore.

Knowledge is off-course the key aspect of what we liked about them but also the way they presented the problem and the solution. They communicate in a far better manner. We received better support from Finvox than we have received from the other vendors. They also have a good experience of working with entities registered abroad, especially in US and Singapore.

3 months Arjun Maheshwari

Co-Founder, Betaout

FalconBrick Technologies

FalconBrick Technologies

Scope of Engagement - Due-diligence

Kind of startups that should work with Finvox - Going with my experience, Gandharv should be able to do a good job for a variety of startups.

Gandharv is well-versed with the various aspects of due-diligence, be it secretarial, legal or financial. He is inquisitive and takes active interest in the business. There is a good amount of thoroughness in his work and he also has an eye for detail. He tries to remain neutral and does not get swayed by what the startup says. He is also flexible in his understanding based on the business he is looking at.

1 month Sashi Kiran

Founder Partner & Director, FalconBrick Technologies

ONN BIKES (Motocruizer Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.)

ONN BIKES (Motocruizer Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.)

Scope of Engagement - Tech, Financial and Regulatory Compliance due-diligence.

Kind of startups that should work with Finvox - Every startup in its lifecycle will need the CA services. My suggestion is that Gandharv and team would be helpful for any startup, just before raising the round, to ensure that there is no legal challenge that can hinder the funding.

Finvox is very professional in their approach. Some of the CAs would just make up answers if they don’t know. Finvox does not accept this. They are well-informed to the extent that they will be up-to-date with any new notifications and will start implementing them immediately. They are very particular about the due-diligence and there is no relaxation. The best part about them is that unlike other CAs appointed by investors, who just come in to identify errors, Finvox ensures that any minor challenges get resolved. They also directed us to the right people to rectify some of these errors.

1 month Namit Jain

Founder, ONN BIKES

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