LetsVenture | India's most trusted platform for Startups

LetsVenture is India’s most trusted platform for Startups for seed/angel funding. We connect startups with Global angels, VCs and Startup programs. In past 5 years, LetsVenture has enabled 170+ transactions with more than USD 70Mn infused into startups like DailyNinja, YourDost, Bobble App, MyUpchar, TestBook, Ayurveda Experience, Adpushup, Little Black Book, etc.

As a Fundraising Startup :

  • Access Investors: Connect with Angel Investors, Venture Funds from many countries.
  • Get Featured, Get Funded: Get your Startup featured and close your fundraise faster (Business plan review, Investor connects and Paperwork closure).
  • Manage Privacy: Control who can view your Startup profile (Allow and Block access). You can fundraise in private/stealth mode
  • Apply to Incubators, Accelerators and Startup competitions

Startups in Investor Connect :

  • Register your startup profile with all the required information in public (visible to all investors on platform)/stealth mode (visible only to investors specifically chosen by you).
  • Apply for Investor Connect - LV Startup team approves fundraise request or gives feedback to make your profile investor ready.
  • Connect with investors through the platform.
  • Investors express interest and commit money into your Startup.

Featured Syndicates :

  • Once your startup receives good response in Investor Connect, LetsVenture works with t you to either get a lead investor or reach out to more investors to close the round if you have a lead.
  • LV Team makes you participate in online pitching sessions with angels on the platform.
  • As more Investors express interest and commit funds, LetsVenture promotes your Startup under Featured Deals section.
  • Once the round is about 80% subscribed, LetsVenture team helps co-ordinate due-diligence, paperwork and transfer of money to your startup.
  • All the investors come through a special purpose vehicle registered with SEBI (LV Angel Fund) as a single entity on your captable.

There is no eligibility criteria for startups. However we want serious entrepreneurs to be a part of this network – you can be a Startup in Ideation Stage, POC/Beta or Revenue Stage.

No. You can be any business to connect to investors and other startups on our platform. We do see a lot of Tech Startups on the platform but Startups from non-tech sectors are also eligible to join and raise funds through the platform.

When you are completing your startup profile, keep these things in mind which'll help you create a good LetsVenture profile.

When writing your twitter pitch, make it clear and unambiguous. One thing you can do when trying to create a one liner for your startup is to apply the mom test. If in one sentence you cannot tell your mom what you do, then you should rework the sentence. This is the first thing an investor reads, so taking time in crafting a good one liner is time well spent.

In Team Summary under Team tab: Write a one to two sentence short bio of yourself, your co-founders and your core team members. If you have founded companies before, mention it. Mention your education and previous experiences. If you have experience in the current market that your startup is in, then mention it. If you have mentors / advisors, you might want to mention them here. Every bit of info that shows your execution skills is relevant and should be put here.

In Team section under Team tab: Link LinkedIn profiles and upload photos of all your co-founders and core team members in this section.

In the Product / Service summary under Product tab: Just like your twitter pitch, describe what your startup does in simple and clear sentences. You can provide specific use cases / examples here if necessary.

In Competition Tab: Write about the differentiating factors from your competitors. What are the things that you are doing that your competition lacks or isn't doing well? What are your innovations and competitive advantages?

In Key Traction Metrics under Traction tab: Show month on month user growth percentages. For example: Month on Month growth: 42%. Also show the total number of users who have used your product. If you are in the B2B space, also mention the companies that are using your product. If you are in Beta or Proof of Concept, you may not have month on month growth to show, in that case, mention your stage and the number of users who have tried your product here.

In How do we make money?: Describe what your revenue model is.

On your Pitch Deck: Pitch deck is your first impression and the objective is to get investors interested in you and your startup. You need to communicate and present relevant information clearly and concisely.

There are 7 essential elements that make a good pitch deck:

  • Problem statement: What is it that you are trying to solve?
  • Solution: What is the solution? What is the product?
  • Market: How big is the market? Market size? What are the numbers?
  • Competition Analysis: Competition. Differentiation.
  • Revenue model: Not projections. How you make money. Potential revenue model.
  • Team: Founders & Advisors. Write a short one to two sentence bio of each co-founder and include photos.
  • Funding ask: In your funding ask slide, mention your funding ask in INR and show how you are going to use the funds. For example: 30% for Product Development, 20% for Marketing, 30% for talent etc. One thing to note is that no one segment should take more than 30% utilization of the funding ask.  

Taking time in creating a strong LetsVenture profile is time well spent. Clearly communicating is important but it becomes even more so on an online platform. If you have any questions, write to us at startups@letsventure.com.

No, you may apply to various accelerators that are taking assistance of LetsVenture. You may also post jobs on the job section.

At LetsVenture, we are very serious about security and privacy of your Startup profile data. As a founder, you have complete control of who has access to which parts of your profile on LetsVenture. In your startup profile, please choose ‘Stealth/Private’ mode under the privacy section.

Right now, we haven’t provided the option to delete the startup profile but you can unpublish your Startup profile through the "Account Settings" menu option and going to "Startup profile" tab of the settings page. Otherwise send us a request at support@letsventure.com and we will unpublish your profile. Note that unpublishing means that your profile is not visible to anyone except you.

Yes, we do allow creating multiple Startup profile with a single login. Currently, you need to get in touch with support@letsventure.com if you need this feature.

Not quite but there’s a feature called ‘Investor Room’ where you can answer the questions asked by different investors who are evaluating your startup for an investment.